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I am a creative and dynamic higher education leader, entrepreneur, educator and ​career service professional with over two decades of demonstrated progressive ​leadership experiences and substantial research in education. I have dedicated my ​professional career to working with people from disadvantaged backgrounds. To this ​end, I have produced several self-help guides and presentations addressing issues ​such as self-esteem, career development and entrepreneurship. At my core, I am a ​teacher and a lifelong learner and I want to instill that passion for learning in everyone I ​encounter. As a sought-after presenter and facilitator, I relish the opportunity to ​synthesize complex issues into easy-to-grasp ideas to create accessible solutions for ​people from diverse backgrounds. I am the recipient of several scholarly awards and ​accolades granted through both academic and professional organizations. As a ​qualitative researcher, my scholarly agenda is centered around the lived experiences of ​people with intersected identities navigating in majority-dominant workplaces. To this ​end, my dissertation on the phenomenon of Black women administrators in ​predominantly White institutions offers novel insight into the critical role that these ​leaders play in the lives of their institutions, students and larger community. My ​advocacy for underrepresented groups extends into the professional and personal roles ​I hold. With over 20 years of experience in education - often in settings with first-​generation, high need populations, I have a deep understanding of the unique ​challenges and opportunities awaiting these learners.

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Join Dr. Rayfield as she shares a New ​Approach to Productivity (NAP). Learn ​tips to:

  • Enjoy real work-life balance
  • identify the “nap killers” in our lives
  • Reduce stress and fatigue

Events & Opportunities

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Pa​st Presentations

  • Symposium Co-Presenter, “Experience More! The Path to a Donor-Funded Internship Program at Widener ​University” Delaware Valley Student Affairs Conference. Blue Bell, PA March 2023
  • Roundtable Presentation, “Are Invisible Women Doing Invisible Work?” Diversity, Equity Inclusion and Belonging ​Summit. Virtual. August 2022
  • Panelist, “Hold Up the Mirror: Career Reflections for Career Experts!" Delaware Valley Career Planners ​Conference, December 2021.
  • Invited Lecturer, “Making Leadership Matter” Introduction to Leadership Class, Eastern University. October 2020
  • Invited Lecturer, “Getting In SHAPE: Resident Assistant Training on Effective Programming,” Residents Life ​Office –Widener University, January 2020
  • Invited Lecturer, “Multipotentialite Panel Discussion,” First-Year Seminar Class – Center for Career Design and ​Development, Widener University, September 2019- 2021
  • Symposium Co-Presenter, “Taking Charge: Sponsorship and Leadership Development of Black Female Leaders ​in Higher Education” 21st Annual International Leadership Conference. Ontario, Canada. October 2019
  • Symposium Co-Presenter (Publication pending – second author) “Not Warm and Fuzzy: Sponsorship vs. ​Mentorship in Higher Education” Ethnographic & Qualitative Research Conference. Las Vegas, NV. February ​2019
  • Symposium Co-Presenter, “Do As I Say, Not As I Do: An Examination of the Relationship between Leaders’ ​Power and Youth Serving as Ambassadors of Peace” 20th Annual International Leadership Association ​Conference. West Palm Beach, FL. October 2018

There are tons of books about owning a ​small business and being an ​entrepreneur; but when is the last time ​you read or even saw a book written ​EXCLUSIVELY for Vendors? Well, the ​wait is OVER! This book was written ​because vending is a really unique ​enterprise and throughout the years, I've ​seen some pretty great (and pretty awful) ​vending operations. I know what it takes ​to get out there, put your whole heart on ​display and hope that you make back at ​least what you put out for the table. This ​book will give you exactly what you need ​to make your vending experiences ​AWESOME!

This guide will provide answers to the Top 10 ​Interview questions and give you the ​confidence to succeed at your next interview. ​Inside you’ll find:

•A framework to quickly identify questions ​and develop answers that are thoughtful, ​succinct, and memorable

•Techniques to handle different types of ​interviews

•Resources to help you before, during and ​after the interview

•Strategies to help you create responses that ​WOW the employer!​

Ready to become the Boss of You? You've come ​to the right place! This book WILL tell you the ​pretty/ugly truths inherent in being an ​entrepreneur. This book will NOT tell you how to ​balance your budget, visually merchandise your ​goods or improve your customer relationship ​management skills. Why? Well, simply put, there ​are a TON of books that skillfully cover the ​aforementioned topics. However, within this ​plethora of “how-to” guides, there exists a lack of ​material about the internal mental and emotional ​struggles that entrepreneurs face particularly in ​the early stages of forming their business. This ​book was written to address this dearth and help ​you successfully navigate the Seven Stages of ​Entrepreneurship. So grab your shovel, put on ​your overalls and get ready to DIG IN DEEPLY!

Educator and entrepreneur shares her ​insights and observations on life during the ​quarantine and social justice unrest events ​of 2020. Written with both wit and brutal ​honesty, Swing will make you rethink your ​identity, impact and ideals.

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